Foam Insulation Removal

In order to save, some owners of real estate and commercial properties buy the cheapest insulation materials, hire unskilled workers, or insulate the house themselves.

The removal of foam insulation is usually carried out due to the loss of its thermal properties after a long service life. As practice shows, the thermal insulation should be replaced in cases of insufficient insulation. In this situation, the old material is replaced after removing the exterior finish.

To remove spray foam insulation from different surfaces, you'll need protective gear (a mask and gloves to cover your skin) as well as appropriate tools. 

Foam removal may be done manually or by machine; each of these methods also has different approaches.

Commercial and Home Insulation Features

High-quality insulation installation must be performed with the use of modern technology and innovative building materials.

Installation of the seamless foam insulation allows you to avoid drafts and other unpleasant consequences. This type of material is characterized by good adhesion to metal, concrete, plaster, wood, etc.

Whether it's your home or an office building, spray foam decreases the need for additional heating or cooling, can protect from unwanted noise, dust particles, and allergens, boosts building longevity, and contributes to a more energy-efficient, sustainable environment.

Old Foam Insulation Removal

The removal process includes the following steps:

  1. Our specialists carry out work without messing up your house.

  2. Removal of insulation/parts is carried out without any damage to the removable part.

  3. The housings made of metal and coatings are carefully removed and marked.

  4. The insulating sheathing can be removed along the seam without damage.

  5. The existing plaster layer is knocked off, the insulation onto the previously laid piece of cloth.

  6. The mesh is dismantled and rolled into rolls.

  7. The aluminum foil is stacked in pre-prepared bags.

  8. Asbestos cords/fabric are rolled into coils for later use.

Spray Foam Insulation Removal Reasons

The most widespread causes for removing spray foam insulation are the following:

Offending foam resulting from a poor-quality product or poor installation

If the initial insulation process was performed with errors, you'll have to remove the foam insulation. First, the foam may not perform as intended. If window and door cracks are not sealed tightly enough, the presence of spray foam is no better than its absence. Or even worse, if it doesn't cure properly, the foam may emit harmful odors or toxins. In this case, the removal of spray foam is strictly necessary.

Damage to the spray foam insulation

Another reason for spray foam removal is its sudden damage. Whether it's moisture seeping through and causing mold formation, fire damage, or an attack of pests, if spray foam insulation has gaps, it loses its properties.

Renovating the spray foam insulation

During property updates and repairs, the release of a product with new properties, or a thorough search based on past mistakes, the owners can decide to upgrade their insulation. But even if you decide to use fiberglass instead of spray foam, you still need proper foam removal.

USASPRAYME is a company with more than ten years of experience in the insulation field and building science. Their highly-trained specialists provide such services as spray foam insulation removal, effectively cleaning your walls, ceilings, and other areas where spray foam insulation has been applied.

Benefits of Cooperation With the Company "USASPRAYME"

Here are the benefits of working with us:

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  • Warranty obligations

How to Remove Spray Foam Insulation

Removing spray foam insulation typically means the removal of cured spray foam. The difficulty behind it is that after spray foam is expanded and baked, it turns into a thick layer of material that is no longer pliable.

There are several ways to remove spray foam:

  1. Scratching and cutting

To remove dried spray foam, professionals and homeowners may use hand tools like sandpaper, a knife, a paint scraper, a hard-bristled brush, a claw hammer, and other mechanical means like flat bars and hand saws. It makes sense to start with large chunks and gradually remove the rest.

  1. Using power tools

Mechanical removal of dried foam is not an easy task. In this case, an angle grinder, a circular saw, a special spray foam removal machine with a vacuum hose, and other power tools come in handy. The process creates a lot of mess, so don't neglect wearing a mask and safety goggles.

  1. Chemicals

If you need to remove spray foam but don't find it appealing to cut insulation for a long time, you may resort to chemical solvents that effortlessly dissolve the remaining spray foam. However, note that removing spray foam using this method can be harmful to your health. Thus, when you use chemicals like lacquer thinner or nail polish remover that contain acetone, remember to wear gloves and safety gear. At the end of the process, carefully rub the surface with a sponge to wash and wipe the dissolvent away.

  1. Heat

Exposed to high heat, spray foam may become softer or even melt, which allows you to remove it from surfaces easily. This method is also a risky one since heating tools like heat guns may burn your skin, and the foam may give off potentially harmful gasses when melting and even combust. That's why proper ventilation, protective gear, and clothes, as well as clear instructions, are so important.

If you need to remove cured spray foam, it's recommended to engage a USASPRAYME professional. Despite the fact that the removal of spray foam DIV is possible, it may present a certain challenge. If located in hard-to-reach places, spray foam insulation may cause you to accidentally damage electrical wires, or you may just get stuck fumbling with it for several hours. On the other hand, USASPRAYME guarantees a quick and nifty solution to your problem, offering an affordable price!


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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Can I remove the expanding foam myself?

Yes, you can. However, we don't recommend using dangerous methods and neglecting careful preparation for the process. The area itself should be clean, devoid of electrical wire endings, and all surfaces and furniture covered. It's also necessary to wear gloves, goggles, and a respiratory mask to ensure full protection. But the best option is to call in professionals who will find an individual approach to your task, use a proven method, and complete the task within a small amount of time.

What dissolves cured spray foam insulation?

Paint thinner, liquids containing acetone, and isopropanol are solvents that help to remove spray foam insulation. Be very careful when using these aggressive substances at home, or seek professional help. After finishing the foam removal, don't forget to use a clean cloth and warm water to eliminate the substance.

How is open-cell spray foam different from closed-cell foam?

Open-cell foam excels at soundproofing. It is also more cost-effective, flexible, and soft, which can be useful in district situations. Closed-cell foam has higher R-values, boasts exceptional moisture resistance, and is more suitable for outdoor settings or high humidity.

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