Concrete Leveling

What is the leveling of concrete with the help of polyurethane foam?

The technology of leveling concrete with polyurethane foam has gained the greatest popularity over the past few years. Our company effectively uses polyurethane foam not only for insulation purposes but also successfully introduces this raw material to improve the external and internal properties of concrete. We have entirely abandoned the outdated techniques of leveling surfaces using natural soil or crushed limestone.

Concrete leveling presents a wise, cost-effective solution if the concrete slabs of your driveway become uneven over time, but replacing the whole area is too challenging. During this process, we fill voids that cause sunken concrete, swiftly elevating the existing concrete and flattening uneven concrete surfaces.

Concrete Leveling Method is a Simple

This is the fastest and most effective way to lift and stabilize sagging concrete. Because the polyurethane foam used is a light and durable material, it can lift concrete slabs without increasing the weight of the soil under them. It is also waterproof and, as a result, does not wash out over time and does not sag. However, the most important thing is that polyurethane foam is environmentally safe and does not cause chemical contamination of the soil.

If you choose this method of leveling concrete, you will create a stable environment not only in the slabs but also in the soil around them. The result is that your paths, terraces, and the foundation of the house will be smooth, safe, and look great for many years.

Polyurethane Foam for Leveling Concrete: Areas of Application

We use polyurethane foam for the reconstruction of:

✔ terraces
✔ driveways
✔ concrete decking near swimming pools
✔ concrete sidewalks
 ✔ foundation

Suitable for garage floors, patios, and even interior concrete floors, poly foam allows you to restore the original position of the settled concrete. Our innovative concrete leveling methods are quick-working and bring lasting results, making them a popular choice for property owners who want to save money and time.

Advantages of using polyurethane

  • Fast result
  • Light-Weight
  • Workplace neatness
  • Waterproof
  • Highly-precise lifting
  • Eco-friendliness

Fast Result

The settled concrete may result in many safety issues: structural damage to the whole house, injuries caused by tripping, disrupted proper water flow, inability to use the existing concrete slabs for their intended purpose, loss of stability of the building, etc. The longer these underlying issues are left unresolved, the more hazards they pose to residents. Thus, the foam method enables the lifting of concrete within a few hours.


Uneven concrete often results from poor soil conditions, like weakened soil or soil erosion. When the soil is weak and compresses easily, it can no longer support the slabs. On the other hand, polyurethane foam that weighs only around 2 to 4 lbs. per square foot alleviates pressure on the already weak soil and minimizes soil disruption, leading to longer stability of the concrete slab structure.

Workplace Cleanliness

Polyfoam leveling is a neat concrete leveling method. Foam leveling entails the drilling of only a few small holes because it uses the injection technique. This type of concrete leveling necessitates fewer resources and heavy equipment, and it doesn't require larger jobs with lots of mess, resulting in a cleaner job site.


Polyfoam is resistant to water due to its hydrophobic qualities. This way, when choosing this type of concrete leveling, you install the material that obstructs water from infiltrating and allows the object to withstand humidity. This is especially useful for wet garage floors, basement floors, and areas with poor drainage.

High-Precision Lifting of the Material

Thanks to self-leveling concrete properties and foam's regulated expansion, this material is great for spot work. With the right tools, we can lift the slab with exceptional accuracy and fix it at the desired level. In cases where only certain places require adjustments, this method is more beneficial than slab replacement.

Environmental Friendliness

When you level concrete with the help of poly foam, you choose an eco-friendly option. Firstly, foam made of polyurethane typically has many recyclable components in its composition. Secondly, it serves for a long time and resists moisture, thereby reducing the need for frequent concrete replacement. And lastly, the process of its installation does not produce much waste.

Concrete Leveling Process

How does concrete leveling work? Before the start of work, you should make sure that raising concrete is the right option for you and that there's no need for larger projects. For instance, if the concrete slabs are severely cracked or affected by tree roots, there may be a necessity for a new slab.

The concrete leveling project consists of several stages:

  1. Preparing the sinking concrete. This involves examining the slab surface soil conditions and determining the exact areas that require concrete lifting;

  2. Drilling holes for leveling material. For foam leveling, smaller holes are enough to make an injection and fill in void cavities;

  3. Foam expansion. Due to a chemical reaction, the foam expands underneath the slab, giving stability to the loose soil and moving the concrete slab back to its proper level;

  4. Sealing the holes. When the leveled concrete is even enough, we finish the procedure with final strokes, creating a smooth and nice-looking surface.

By following these stages, a professional concrete leveling company can achieve impeccable results, restoring both concrete functionality and appearance. USASPRAYME is one of the companies that employ this advanced method, providing reliable and impactful solutions for evening the concrete surface of the driveway to your garage, terrace of your home, or in-house foundation.

Concrete Leveling with USASPRAYME

USASPRAYME sets new benchmarks for concrete leveling services. Highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field ensure a speedy process and a durable end result. All the main methods USASPRAYME uses to deliver precise concrete leveling have been honed for years and have, therefore, proven their effectiveness.


  • more than ten years of experience in working with insulation and concrete leveling;

  • long-lasting concrete leveling solutions;

  • assurance of the work's quality;

  • environmentally conscious practices and eco-friendly materials;

  • affordable poly leveling costs;

  • ensuring safety during the concrete leveling process;

  • clean site after the work;

  • prompt replies and clear communication.

If you're searching for a company that would perform concrete leveling fast, accurately, and without a hitch, contact USASPRAYME! In case you worry about the end price, every client has the right to receive a free estimate of the future concrete leveling project in order to plan the finances and make the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Is concrete leveling worth it?

Installing the new concrete is obviously more expensive and time-consuming than just making several injections. However, there are many factors that you have to consider when resorting to concrete leveling. For instance, concrete leveling is not possible in cases of severe concrete wear or obstructions beneath the concrete slab. If you want to learn about these limitations in more detail, reach out to a professional consultant.

What is the easiest way to level concrete?

The most straightforward method of concrete leveling is to utilize self-leveling concrete. The professionals pour this special mix of concrete into the slab holes as it effortlessly spreads on its own. There's no need to do it manually, and it dries rapidly, allowing you to use the smooth surface within a few hours.

How much does it cost to level a concrete slab?

The concrete leveling cost may vary depending on the complexity of the process, the amount and quality of the foam used, the slab condition, environmental conditions, and other factors. The average costs usually range from $3 to $10 per square foot. However, you should remember that the final price comprises not only material costs but also labor costs like work, site preparation, additional fees for obstructed access, and other fees.

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